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One lesser known feature of Reddit is the ability to display all submissions that a domain or site received on Reddit.

I mentioned this option two years ago for the first time and don’t want to rehash everything I said in the previous article.

You may have stumbled upon it accidentally by clicking on the domain link next to submissions that lead to external sites as it will display the feed of that domain directly.

The feature is quite useful for a number of reasons. As a webmaster for instance, it is easy enough to check all the direct mentions of your site on Reddit.

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Five Android apps to feed your RSS needs

If you are a news junkie, you probably depend on various and sundry RSS feeds—so you most likely need a handy app to curate them into a single, easy-to-use location. Fortunately, plenty of Android apps are available to handle all your RSS needs.

What is RSS?
For those who are new to RSS, here’s a quick overview. RSS stands for rich site summary (or really simple syndication). It enables sites to publish frequently updated information in a format that is easy to consume (by both apps and humans). The format of RSS tends to be a title and a one-sentence or one-paragraph blurb. Readers can click on the title, which will take them to the original piece.

Different apps offer different features for RSS feeds. I have found five apps in the Google Play Store that I believe represent the best features and the most user-friendly interfaces.

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Social Media Trends to Watch

Influencer Marketing

According to the latest Nielson study, over 90% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family. We have slapped a fancy name on it, but at the end of the day, this is what influencer marketing really is: getting products into the hands of people whom others trust. Peer recommendations have the power to sway buyers and inspire purchase decisions, not because they have a zillion followers or have perfect lips, but because they are reliable, personable sources we believe.
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How to get your Twitter RSS feed using this simple hack

Twitter has eradicated RSS feeds from its web interface once and for all, following an update to the sites search page today.

When Twitter launched its redesign late last year it subtly removed RSS feeds for users tweets. And while RSS feeds are still available, you have to be willing to jump through some extra hoops to access them.

Of course, there was some suggestion that their removal was accidental, but some 10 months  later this seems not to be the case.

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